God as law


Who/what/when/where/how is/are he/she/it/them?

I’ve heard as many definitions and names for this being as there are different people on this earth. God, Allah, Yahweh, Vishnu, Krishna, Zeus, Coatlicue, Buddha, Tao, Christ Consciousness, Divine Feminine, Wakan Tanka, Orisha, Infinite Consciousness. The list is endless, and it will only continue to grow, I’m sure.

To me, I think of God as a law, in fact the law, of our universe. The highest, most comprehensive, single unifying law that encompasses all other laws. It is the universal power or force that has created every single thing in the universe and drives it all, from the basic laws of physics and the building blocks of physical matter to every single small and complex living organism in the universe.

This God is not a separately embodied, individual being with its own consciousness but rather a life force that lives in and through all living forms. In this way, God is not only as dependent on us as we are on God, in fact God is us, and we are God.