About Lyna


Hi, my name is Lyna.

I like to read, write, eat, and travel, and I especially like to ask questions. Sometimes small bite-sized questions, other times tightly packaged questions I like to dig into at home alone. My favorite questions, though, are the spicy, juicy, deep-dish kind that have me chewing and digesting for days.

2021-06-08 (2) smallLike the question of who I am.

The easy answer would be to make a list of the roles I play, or the things I’ve done and the places I’ve been. I’m a mother, wife, and lawyer, born in Korea, did a few stints abroad but lived mostly in Los Angeles which is and will always be home. I’m a heterosexual, left-leaning moderate, lover of life, and self-professed nerd who loves to learn about everything from the farthest corners of outer space to the deepest depths of our inner space.

At least that’s who I’ve been so far.

As I write this in the middle of 2021, I’ve had an intense couple of years. My husband had a stroke while I was four months pregnant and in the middle of construction for our new house. Then our sweet little acorn baby boy was born, and nine months later my mother passed away from a long-term condition. Quite a whiplash, indeed. The pandemic raging outside ironically gave me some much needed solace and quiet time, as I would have been burrowed at home anyway, celebrating, nursing, and grieving. I grew up lower-middle class but now live a comfortable life with some unexpected privileges. Life, as my husband says, is a trup (inside joke).

Maybe this tells you 99% of what you need to know about me, about the foundation for my thoughts and ideas, and the context in which I’m operating. But that remaining 1%, that unrealized, unnamed, wild-card part of me that is unknown even to me, I think that’s where the real fun is.

The truth is, when it comes to anything about anything in the universe, there’s probably 1% that I do know and 99% that I don’t. I yearn deeply and achingly to learn the big Truths about our existence. Does the universe have a purpose, do we? Are we the only conscious beings in it? What came first, consciousness or matter, and why does either even exist? Where is this all headed?

Who, what, when, where, and why, why, why?

And that is why I am creating this website, to explore these big burning questions and to hopefully encourage others to do the same.

Having lived more than a third of my expected lifetime on this earth, it’s becoming less clear to me – or less important – what is beauty and what is pain. I’ve had massive doses of both, and it’s definitely for the better. So I’m eating it all up, bones, guts, and all.

I hope you will join me  : )