About Lyna


Hi, my name is Lyna.

I like to read, write, eat, and travel, and I especially like to ask questions. Sometimes small bite-sized questions, other times to-go questions I like to dig into at home alone. My favorite questions, though, are the spicy, juicy, deep-dish kind that have me chewing and digesting for days.

2021-06-08 (2) smallLike the question of who I am.

The easy answer would be to make a list of the roles I play, or the things I’ve done and the places I’ve been. I’m a mother, wife, and lawyer, born in Korea, did a few stints abroad but lived mostly in Los Angeles which is and will always be home. I’m a heterosexual, left-leaning moderate, lover of life, and self-professed nerd who loves to learn about everything from the farthest corners of outer space to the deepest depths of our inner space.

As I write this in the middle of 2021, I’ve had an intense couple of years. My husband had a stroke while I was four months pregnant and in the middle of construction for our new house. Then our sweet little acorn baby boy was born, and my mother passed away from a long-term condition. Quite a whiplash, indeed. The pandemic raging outside ironically gave me some solace and much needed quiet time, as I would have been burrowed at home anyway, celebrating, nursing, and grieving. I grew up lower-middle class but now live a comfortable life with some unexpected privileges. Life, as my husband says, is a trup (inside joke).

Maybe this tells you 99% of what you need to know about me, about the foundation for my thoughts and ideas, and the context in which I’m operating. But that remaining 1%, that unrealized, unnamed, wild-card part of me that is unknown even to me, I think that’s where the real fun is.

And that is why I am creating this website, to have fun exploring the unknown and do my best to answer some questions in the process. Like why I am here, why you are here, and why others aren’t here reading my website as well, haha.

Having lived more than a third of my expected lifetime on this earth, it’s becoming less clear to me – or less important – what is beauty and what is pain. I’ve had massive doses of both, and it’s definitely for the better. So I’m eating it all up, bones, guts, and all.

I hope you will join me  : )