At My Best

I am rock solid at my core. I am wicked smart and creative, fascinating, brilliant, but also open and flowing and humble because I know that ultimately, I don’t really know anything. No one does.  

I am firmly grounded in myself and my vision of the world, and choose who and how I want to be at every moment, no matter what the external circumstances are, because at my core I am a sovereign, sentient being with my own life energy, and nothing can take away from that, even if I seemingly let it.

We are all esteemed guests on this journey, respected and loved but carried only by the grace of our unknown host, and the goal is to make the most of every moment we have, every moment we are given, doing and eating and learning and experiencing as much as we can, until we are invariably told to get off the ride. 

Life is all just one big game – a deeply meaningful and precious one, but still just a quirky and mysterious game that none of us designed. We are trying to reverse engineer the user’s manual; it’s all very serious, earnest work, and the content is turning out to be really quite hilarious. 

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