About LYNA

Life is beautiful, amazing, and deeply mysterious. I, like most others, busy myself from day to day tending to the mundane and practical aspects of life, but my true goal is to dig deeper and figure out what it all means – what my life means, what our collective lives mean, and what this entire universe means.

To that end, I started this blog, not only to develop and record my thoughts on life, death, and everything in between, but also to share them with the world so that I could contribute to our collective understanding. And not just any understanding, but one imbued with a sense of celebration, appreciation, and love. This life, in all its pain and glory, is a tremendous miracle, and I am so grateful to be given the chance to partake in it.

My initial intent was to promote life, love, and goodness (whatever that means), and to eradicate pain and suffering in this world. I still believe we should end pain and suffering as much as we can, but I also now realize that we can never fully rid ourselves of them, nor would we really want to because pain and suffering are also the source of our greatest strength and courage. I’ve been through my fair share of difficult moments, and as hard as they were, they were also the most formative and empowering experiences. I’ve gained as much if not more from those difficult moments as I have from my easy or positive moments, and I could not take away the former without also taking away from the latter.

So now, I want to focus on promoting the positive experiences of life while supporting people through the more difficult ones. Celebrate the highs and recalibrate the lows. And through it all, I invite people to love their present moment no matter what, because life is precious even when it is dark, cold, or painful. Our lives are an infinite succession of nows, and each is as precious as the whole.

Love your now always, then, and love will always find you now 🙂