I took a nice walk around my neighborhood after dinner tonight.

It’s July 4th, Independence Day. Instead of hanging out with friends or family, I chose to spend it by myself. I’ve been disgruntled with much in my life lately, but tonight, as I celebrate the independence of our country by myself, I choose to be grateful for my own independence.

As the sky became darker, the roar of the fireworks began. I could hear it booming from various directions. Up 4th street, looking towards Downtown, I could even see the tops of the colorful explosions stretching above the buildings and trees.

Back inside my apartment, I can still hear the thundering explosions. From one direction, a rapid series of overlapping booms; that must be the grand finale.

I think about all the people gazing out into the night sky, mesmerized by the spectacular display of lights and colors. Though I may not be near them, I share in their joy, awe, and childlike fascination from afar.

It’s good to know there is beauty out there even if I can’t see it. 🙂